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Guangzhou Zixin Supply Chain Co., Ltd. was established on October 17, 2022. Its registered office is located at Room B232, Room 350-351, Building 2, No. 412, Jinling South Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou. Its legal representative is Wang Saiqiang.

The business scope includes information consulting services (excluding licensing information consulting services); sales of intelligent instruments and meters; supply chain management services; sales of daily necessities; sales of building decoration materials; sales of electrical machinery and equipment; Sales of office equipment; sales of communication equipment; sales of leather products; sales of luggage; packaging services; sales of daily necessities; technical services, technical development, technical consultation, technical exchanges, technology transfer, technology promotion; sales agency; purchasing agency services; general cargo warehousing services (excluding hazardous chemicals and other items that require approval); sales of automobile decorations; domestic freight forwarders; loading and unloading; sales of clothing accessories; clothing and apparel retail; clothing and apparel wholesale; domestic trade agency; Internet data services; Internet equipment sales ;Internet sales (except for the sale of commodities that require a license); sales of office equipment and consumables; ;customs declaration business; inspection and testing services;